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Beating Inflation – Everything You Need to Know

24 January 2023

Inflation is a term used in economics to signify the general rise in prices. Inflation raises prices, reducing the purchasing power of money, could reduce wealth (including real value savings), and can lower living standards. We pay an indirect tax on inflation.

Why Copper is Considered an Economic Leading Indicator

18 April 2023

Copper is the third most widely used metal in the world. Copper, or the red metal in miner’s jargon, is often considered as an economic leading indicator due to its widespread use in various industrial sectors, as well as its sensitivity to global economic trends.

Investing in a Higher Inflation World

28 February 2023

Even the inflation doves, those most convinced that inflation will come back down, admit that inflation will not return to the sub-2% target levels achieved in the decade post the 2008/09 Global Financial Crisis. Capital Economics doesn’t believe we are heading towards a repeat of the 1970s.

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