Global Portfolio

We build client portfolios around closed-end investment companies giving low-cost access to cutting edge and traditional global investment opportunities at measurable risk.

Overberg offers investors a unique opportunity to invest in international closed-end investment companies the investment choice of professionals.

Closed-end investment companies

Closed-end investment companies remain the professional investors’ best kept secret. These companies have a limited number of shares in issue and are traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). They are publicly quoted companies that invest their shareholders’ equity in a wide spectrum of stocks, spreading risk over markets and currencies. Having low fees, discounts to net asset value and dividend paying policies they are by far the most cost-effective way of diversifying a global investment portfolio.

Global portfolio administration

Your portfolio will be in the safe custody of Charles Stanley Stockbrokers in the U.K., and managed from here in South Africa. Constant availability and a quick and flexible response are fundamental to our client relationships. We produce customised statements and investment reports to specific requirements.

Mandate tailored to your global investment objectives

Each individual portfolio is designed to match your exact needs and expectations. The following table provides a broad guideline on risk/return categories:


Investors who want stability and are more concerned with protecting their capital than increasing the real value of their investment.


Investors who want to protect their capital, and achieve some real increase in the value of their investment.

Balanced - Low risk

Investors who want reasonable but relatively stable growth. Some fluctuations are tolerable, but investors want less risk than attributable to a fully equity based investment.

Balanced - Medium risk

Investors who want moderate capital growth and are willing to accept moderate fluctuations in capital value.

Growth - Low risk

Mildly aggressive investors who want good real growth in their capital. A fair amount of risk is acceptable.

Growth - Medium risk

Moderately aggressive investors who want high growth in their capital. High year-to-year fluctuations in capital value are acceptable.

Growth - High risk

Aggressive investors who want substantial capital growth. Considerable year-to-year fluctuations in value are acceptable in exchange for a potentially high long-term return.

Performance factsheets

We have monitored the performance of our first clients as shown in our performance fact sheets. The fact sheets fit into the following broad categories:


Weekly market report

Overberg produces a unique weekly market report condensing global financial developments and SA market news in a concise easy to read document. The report keeps you up to date on global and local financial developments.

View our Weekly market report