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Looking at Quarter 1 2023

4 April 2023

The year got off to a good start for global financial markets, building on the rally which began in October when investors detected the world had moved past the point of peak inflation, peak bond yields and peak central bank hawkishness.

Bank Crisis Implications

28 March 2023

By the weekend, the contagion spread to Europe leading to the rescue and forced takeover of Credit Suisse. Nerves are still frayed. Another US regional bank, First Republic was taken over by a consortium of peers after its share price spiralled.

Private Equity Investing

14 March 2023

As fewer companies around the world choose to be listed on a stock exchange, asset managers are increasingly searching for investment opportunities in private equity. Private equity companies can provide rich rewards for shareholders.

IMF World Economic Growth Update

7 February 2023

The report, released at the end of January, shows that emerging economies are expected to be past the worst, while some developed nations face headwinds in the projected years. Only 10% of advanced economies are expected to expand this year. 

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