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Market Review Podcast | Why We Expect a Rosy Outlook for Equities | June 2024

The global markets outlook for June 2024. Nick Downing, CEO, shares the global highlights from various sources. Sean Fitzpatrick, Investment Analyst, shares with us South African updates.

0:00 Introduction
0:13 Update on Global Equities
11:36 South African Review

Market Review Podcast | Outlook for 2024 | January 2024

Market Review Podcast | Bears vs Bulls and Dovish Inflation Choices in SA | 4 – 8 December 2023

The global markets outlook for January, as well as trends for 2024. Nick Downing discusses various opinions: inflation and comparing the roaring twenties with the twenty-twenties.

Werner Erasmus discusses the South African market review: Absa Manufacturing PMI and news on Eskom.

Podcast – Women outperform men in investing: Here’s why and how more women can take the leap.

Linda van Tilburg, BizNews and Julie Anderson, Wealth Manager, Overberg Asset Management.

Fidelity reveals that women’s investments tend to outperform men’s, with a 0.4% annual advantage. Despite being less risk-tolerant, women are responsive to facts and make considered decisions. Listen to podcast.

Downing: Reaping rewards from LSE-listed Investment Trusts – offshore assets at big discounts | 21 July 2023

Veteran money manager Nick Downing specialises in a highly profitable niche – carefully selected global investment trusts from hundreds whose equity is listed on London Stock Exchange. In this fascinating interview, the co-founder of Overberg Asset Management explains his process, and how he can regularly acquire offshore assets at significant discounts. He spoke to Alec Hogg of BizNews.

Singing an alternative tune in volatile markets – Overberg Asset Management’s Nick Downing

With Linda van Tilburg, BizNews Radio (25th August 2022). When markets are volatile, where would you normally invest if you are seeking lower volatility and higher income yields than equity markets? 

Listen to our interview


The World Bank Global Economic Prospects Report 2023

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