Retirement & Pensions

Through selected insurance associates, we provide clients with various retirement products for existing and new life assets, incorporating Overberg’s private share portfolios.
South African retirement products

Living Annuity, Retirement Annuity and Pension Fund Products: Through selected insurance associates, we provide clients with various retirement products for existing and new life assets, incorporating Overberg’s private share portfolios. This process will enable clients to access direct investment management, administration and financial advice through one contact.

International retirement products

Using a wide range of pension, trust and fiduciary providers Overberg is able to provide South African resident clients with advice and portfolio management for their retirement solutions across Europe; these includes company pensions in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland, UK private pensions (including Self-Invested Personal Pensions – SIPPS) and International Pension Plans (IPPs).

Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme
(or ROPS formerly QROPS):

Through our formal relationships with various active and de-listed Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme providers Overberg is able to migrate your investments to its private client portfolio management services by operating as a Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM) to your existing scheme. In many instances these schemes are over-changed and have under-performed. In such scenarios Overberg is able to provide clients with superior portfolio management and further cost reductions.

Retirement Annuity Trust Schemes

Using professional trustee arrangements Overberg is able to offer its clients the flexibility of an international pension scheme in order to facilitate exposure to foreign investment markets outside of the Republic of South Africa and to create an alternative income-stream throughout retirement.

Such a scheme will also provide you with ease of succession and enhance your legacy through potentially advantageous tax treatment, in certain circumstances.

In all circumstances Overberg will work closely with your pension provider to enhance the ease of administration and reduce costs where possible.

International corporate structures

Using preferred corporate investor service services providers Overberg is able to assist with you and your business if you seek to establish a business or continue a trade outside of the borders of South Africa.

Overberg will work with you to consider international employment benefit schemes or in the management of medium- to long-term business capital.

In light of the change to section 10(1)(o)(ii) of the Income Tax Act (the “expat tax”) Overberg, using preferred tax experts, is able to work with you and your business to ensure an optimal tax solution.

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