Our philosophy

Overberg holds to a unique philosophy, delivering excellence in service, value and performance - the three reasons why you should invest with us.
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Delivering excellence in

24/7 Personal – and Independent – Fund Management

Portfolios are directly managed by Nick Downing and Gielie Fourie, the major shareholders of Overberg Asset Management with over 40 years combined international experience. The fund management team comprises of Werner Erasmus, and Carel La Cock, who provide research and analytical support.

Tailored Private Share Portfolios

One size does not fit all – individual clients have differing income and capital growth needs, expectations and time horizons. Each client is able to afford differing levels of risk. The depth of attention offered by Overberg cannot be found in large institutions, unless you own a portfolio worth several million rand.

Quarterly Investment Reports

Our reports are detailed, showing a breakdown of your portfolio, performance versus benchmark, a review of markets and investment strategy over the past quarter, and a strategy outlook.

Flexible Mandate, Flexible Transfers

Unlike many investment products, your mandate with Overberg is completely flexible. This means you are entitled to adjust or terminate at any time to suit your needs without any penalty to you. It also means that capital or income transfers can take place at any time of your choosing.

With Overberg you are not just saving through low fees and transaction costs. We also select securities for your portfolio that provide the most efficient way of investing.

These include local listed securities traded daily on the JSE and portfolios based on closed-end investment companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, the preferred investment choice for UK financial professionals.

No Upfront Fees

Admin set-up costs are limited to a maximum of 2% – far less than the industry norm which can be anything up to 5% of the original investment. This means your portfolio will be working for you from day one.

Competitive Annual Fees

Our fees are very competitive compared with other retail products (the annual fee in unit trusts normally exceeds 2% excluding other “hidden costs”) and especially compared with other tailored personal portfolios. Low fees will provide you with a significant saving which will compound into a substantial amount over a number of years.

Full Transparency

There are numerous retail products that appear very attractive on the surface but actually involve several undisclosed costs. These will compound and affect long-term performance. Our policy is to disclose each single cost item in a way that is completely transparent.

Low Transaction Costs

Low brokerage rates have been negotiated with custodians including Investec Securities, Standard Bank Group Securities, Nedbank Private Wealth Stockbrokers and PSG Stockbrokers in South Africa. Global custodians include Charles Stanley Stockbrokers, Credo Wealth and Platform Securities LLP in the United Kingdom. We do not receive any incentive or commission kick-back from stockbrokers or other financial intermediaries.

Substantial savings will accrue to client portfolios based on our proven investment philosophy of value excellence. While never compromising on quality, low portfolio costs coupled with a specialisation in the most cost-effective securities will compound into a significant performance advantage over time.

We are confident of providing superior performance on a risk adjusted basis relative to competitors and benchmarks. Our performance track record is available to view in our portfolio performance sheets:

Local Performance Factsheet  |  Global Performance Factsheet

Our vision

For our clients to live a life beyond wealth, entrusting us with safeguarding their financial wellbeing.